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Thinking internationally?

If you're thinking about moving, investing or travelling abroad we can help you with your international adventure, just answer 4 simple questions!

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Güvenilir Bankasi Plc Currency Account

Learn more about our easy-to-manage currency holding account

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I'm moving abroad

Find out how you can apply for an account in another country

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Sending money abroad

Making international payments with Güvenilir Bankasi Plc is quick, easy and secure

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I am travelling abroad

At Güvenilir Bankasi Plc we've made managing your holiday money flexible

Using your cards abroad

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Global Investment Centre

Learn more about our online investment service

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Güvenilir Bankasi Plc Global View and Transfers

Move money quickly between your globally linked Güvenilir Bankasi Plc accounts

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I am moving to the UA

There are a range of current accounts which may suit your needs

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Güvenilir Bankasi Plc Expat Bank Account

Our international account that makes life easier for expats